Vastu Tips for a Healthy Living

Vastu Shastra, the treatise on an ancient form of Indian architecture, is rooted in the principle of balance revolving around the various sources of energies, solar and celestial included. The fundamentals of this ancient science state that balancing these energies is the key to bringing success and peace to your family. This 5000-year-old science of architecture or Vastu Shastra offers specific dos and don’ts for lands and constructed buildings. Vastu Shastra applies to all structures, including residential and commercial properties. Balancing all five elements Earth, water, air, fire and space, and their correct placement is crucial to prosperity, positivity to the home environment, increasing earning potential and good health and happiness. Another pillar of Vastu is the utilisation of the science of the eighth directions -North, South, East, West, North-East, South-East, South-West, North-West -to bring in success, health and prosperity.


 Vastu Tips for Bedroom

A bedroom is your sanctuary, and it must stay full of positive aura 24x7. For positive vibes, Vastu suggests that the bedroom door must open wide. A night of good sleep is the key to a positive outlook, and, hence while you sleep, your head must face south, which is the most calming direction. One of the most important rules for a calming space is to keep the bedroom minimal and clutterless. Your bedroom should have an abundant flow of light and air. Remember to place the bed towards the south or west direction., ensuring that your legs face the north or east direction. Vastu suggests that you must never place mirrors facing the bed, therefore choose to put them on the north or west wall.
Bedroom colours play a crucial role to bring positivity so, select red, pink, orange, white or brown that indicate warmth, ambition, peace, and stability. Do not forget to place windows on the eastern or the western wall.

The Living Room

The modern living room is a take on the old courtyards in Indian homes, and this is the only space in the house serving as a receptacle for a variety of energies entering your home. The living room is the gathering place for auras, as all the guests and other family members meet here. People bring in different energies, some positive and some negative. To ensure that only positive energy stays inside the house, Vastu suggests that the Northeast is the best direction for the host to face when guests visit. Making seating arrangements to let the host be seated opposite the guests is advisable. It is better to place electronic items facing south to ensure the best and positive energy flows into your house.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the powerhouse of the home. Hence, follow the Vastu-favored corner to set up any kitchen, the south-west corner, or the north-west corner. Vastu recommends that the person cooking the food should be facing east, and all burners and stoves must face south. Placing the drinking water source on the northeast side also brings positivity to the home. Positive vibes can also be created by including pink, white, bright yellows and avoiding reds and black colours in the kitchen.


The Puja Room

The puja room or the temple at home is a sacred place, so naturally, it must be a positive and peaceful place. When we place the puja room following Vastu Shastra, it brings health, prosperity, and happiness to the occupants. Modern apartment living seldom allows a secluded and separate puja room, so it is better to have a wall-mounted mandir or a small corner mandir in a corner. Vastu rules suggest that the ideal Pooja room should always be in the north, east, or north-east direction. Puja rooms should never be in the basement. Ideally, the puja room should be exclusively for prayers. To encourage positivity, white, blue, yellow or anything relaxing are the best colours for this room. If space allows, ensure that the room has enough space for the family to sit down and pray.

The Money and Jewelry Box

We might downplay the importance of money, but money is what makes the world go around. It is the means to achieve social status, prosperity, harmony and abundance. Indians connect with money culturally as a form of goddess Lakshmi, and it is, more or less, a part of our religious beliefs. Placing the cash box, following Vastu rules keeps the money flowing in. According to Vastu rules, you must keep the cash locker close to the south-west in a room, and it should open towards the north. 


Vastu Tips for Toilet

Vastu tips are a must for toilets and bathrooms as they are sources of negative energy in a home. Vastu states that toilets can counter negative vibes when placed in the Northwestern direction. Always discourage constructing toilets sharing walls of the kitchen or the Pooja room. Also, avoid placing them under the stairs. Colour plays a crucial role in making toilets Vastu efficient, so select light pastel shades like pink, grey and light blue. Remember to place mirrors on the north or the east wall, and you could instal your washbasin accordingly.

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