Tips to Create the Illusion of Space in a Tiny Apartment

The pandemic has changed our lives in more ways than one. The consecutive waves of the mutated virus continue to affect our personal and professional lives. A small apartment can be chaotic for people who are working from home. Not everyone can afford lavish apartments, and many are already living in a studio apartment for the very first time. However, you can do many things to make your apartment feel spacious.

Create Multiple Zones.  

Your first home may be a studio apartment. In most two-bedroom apartments, the limited space serves as a dining room or a living room space. So, the specific areas in different zones are the best way to split up the small space. Apply rugs or furniture to create an illusion of space. Using a false wall or a bookcase as a room divider can demarcate zones in a small area. 

Think out of the box.

Removing doors or breaking down walls are other ways to open up space and transform the entire look. In small bedrooms that have closets with doors, it might be a better option to take off the closet door. You can store objects using baskets and simple shelves to organize things. This trick will make you a neater person as the open plan will force you to be tidy at all times.

Be Creative With Multiple End Tables. 

Tiny homes and small apartments have changed how we view furniture or use them. Limited space in urban living has made the once popular coffee table or centre table unnecessary. So, instead of sacrificing precious floor space in a studio apartment to a coffee table, you can use small end tables. End tables can be moved at will and serve multiple uses. Many of them have foldable TV dinner trays that can be hidden away behind your couch when you’re not using them. You will be able to use the floor area for workouts or play.

Use Sofa Beds.

In tiny apartments, bedrooms often double up as work from home or study spaces. So, it is not sensible to let your bed take up a third of your living space. The perfect solution to this problem is to purchase a sofa bed. So the room can be a work zone, sleep space or lounge.

Sofa beds can serve as couches or day beds and even accommodate guests if required. Having a sofa bed in your living area allows for more space and offer a practical option to sudden stay over guests.

Display Large Artwork. 

Shifting the focus towards a large piece of artwork in your apartment can create an illusion of space. The artwork might be a print copy of a famous painting or something you have done yourself. You can also use a piece of art as a headboard behind your bed. Holding attention towards the massive piece of art can distract from the rest of the tiny space.

Curtains Create Wonders.

Use floor-length curtains to make a space feel larger. The illusion lets you think that the windows are much larger than they are. You might even try floor-to-ceiling sheer curtain panels and enjoy the difference. Hanging curtain rods bars above the actual window frame will also create an illusion of space.

In the Kitchen go Minimal.

Our busy lifestyle coupled with the aftermath of the pandemic hardly allow us to use dinnerware or dining tables. Do we need multiple plates or extra dishes? We can rent utensils for the odd parties at home. It is practical to have an organized kitchen area with fewer utensils and more space in cabinets. 

Let There Be Light.

Light can make a huge difference. The right lighting arrangement can create an illusion of space or reduce the effect. Rooms that get minimum sunlight can use light, and dimmers can adjust the brightness of rooms.

Reinvent Additional Storage Space

Tiny bedrooms have a perpetual storage issue. Elevating your bed off of the floor by several inches can create considerable space for storage. It is easy to use bed risers and tuck away shoes or extra clothes underneath packed in baskets or boxes. The reinvented storage space will help declutter and open up the room.

Furniture placing

There are more ways to place your furniture than pushing it against the walls. Placing furniture against the wall leaves space in the middle of the room and places attention on the limited space in the room. Move around the desk or bookcases and see what works. You could put the desk in the middle of the room and have the shelving against the wall. Start exploring corners and angles. Having a planter or a chair in a corner at an angle will be interesting.

Go Vertical 

Even in a small apartment, there is plenty of unused wall space that you can use. The walls are not just for art. You can use them for storage by putting up floating shelves. It is a good idea to put a floor to ceiling wall shelves for a home library. Some hidden spaces are the areas behind the TV, above the kitchen cabinets, and doors that can double up as hidden storage areas for books. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Large mirrors can reflect seating areas to create the illusion of being in a larger room. Mirrors can reflect a piece of art or other decor elements that work wonders and give you a sense of space. Mirrored wardrobes create a sense of spaciousness and help check out your outfit in the morning before you leave the house. 

Furniture as Storage Space

You can achieve a decluttered look by using furniture that doubles as storage. Look for storage ottomans to store extra blankets or kids’ toys. Ottomans make practical coffee tables and footers. If you take time to browse stores, you will be surprised at the number of storage spaces in built-in shelves and drawers, desks with a combined bookshelf, and so much more. Always buy furniture that can serve dual purposes year after year.

Colour Right in Light Colours.

The best way to open up a space is to use lighter colours that give us the illusion of space. Explore combinations of pastels, whites and maybe just one accent wall. Lighter colours reflect light and lift a room instantly. You can add pops of colour in cushions and throws. 

Plants are always better.

Bring in life to any dark space with plants. You will feel happy to see your plants grow into very trendy decor pieces. Placing tall plants in corners creates the illusion of space.

Accent Pieces for Amazing Style

Always use one stunning accent piece of furniture to take away monotony and make a room feel bigger by essentially tricking your eye into focusing on that. An attractive chandelier or wall art can serve the purpose. 

Larger Rugs for Effect

Neutral rugs create a spacious feel but measure the room so that you have only a few inches left on each side. Rugs are convenient to mark zones and create separate work areas. Colourful or neutral rugs in natural fibres are most popular now.

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