Prioritising Amenities in housing complexes Post-Covid

We are well into 2021, yet the threat of Covid is not over, but our priorities have changed in many ways. Let us take the change in the choices of parents whose children are pursuing careers on faraway shores and are unlikely to return from metro life. Such couples have no other way but to shift to a manageable home suitable for them. For many old couples, comfortable and easy to maintain flats in a gated community offers safety, friendly neighbours, and proper amenities that answer to their needs and improve quality of life.

Check Your Requirement before the Home-search

Make a checklist of all that you need in your flat, especially those that fit your physical condition as ageing persons. Maybe you would prefer a complex that offers a walking track and a meditation hall instead of one with a swimming pool. For old couples, security is a primary need. Therefore it is better to search for residential complexes that offer amenities that are more suitable to your health, age and requirements.

 Security, Parking Facility, and 24×7 Power Back-up

You can never compromise on security, and it is essential to select a home in a residential complex with multiple security systems in place. Hitech digital security systems and applications can offer instant notifications to residents through mobile apps. It is easier to keep a tab on unwanted visitors or even thieves trying to break in. Such gadgets make life comfortable, and residents can alert family members, neighbours and security in case of an emergency. 
The pandemic has made a personal vehicle mandatory, so take time to check the details about parking facilities. Sometimes small residential complexes may not offer any. One of the most important things to check is the power backup facilities. For old couples, climbing stairs in case of power shortage is harrowing.

Social and Fitness Amenities

Modern housing complexes should offer walking tracks and a comfortable lounge area. These days nearly all complexes offer Gyms, swimming pools, and other fitness amenities. But it is always good to choose a complex that offers what you need. Apart from the cleaning protocols, water purification, and hygiene maintenance in a housing complex, look for housing complexes with long stretches of green, open space for mental peace. 

Essential Amenities post-Covid

Since Covid has directed our attention to health and hygiene, we will have to adjust with Covid-19. Hence, the housing complex should have a dedicated medical store, doctor’s chamber, and diagnostic centre for basic emergencies. Having a quarantine unit is fast becoming the norm in most apartment complexes. Following Covid, an Emergency room is a sought-after feature in complexes.As society adjusts to the world post covid, it might soon become a norm for homeowners to seek grocery stores, ATMs, milk vending machines nearby. People might discourage amenities that might be hotspots for viruses, including swimming pools, Gymnasiums, Clubhouses, Bars, lounges and cafeterias.

 Safe Play Area

Dedicated playing areas meant for the children is another essential facility. Children need physical activity for wellbeing and learning social bonding. Look out for such amenities if your children of grandchildren stay with you. 

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