Making the most of your Balcony space

Making the most of your Balcony space

Ask anyone living in a city, and most of them will agree that even the smallest of outdoor areas in apartment living offers them a place to unwind from their stress-filled urban lives. Sadly, very few city dwellers make the most of this versatile place in their apartments. Tons of imagination and creative taste can transform a compact balcony into a welcoming space that makes the most of its minimal square footage. The lockdown days have made us understand and appreciate that even the smallest of outdoor spaces is worth its weight in gold, offering us a place to escape from the stresses of everyday life. 

The balcony is the best place to enjoy the first cup of morning tea or share a quiet evening with your spouse at the end of the day watching the sunset after a day’s work. Spending some serene moments in your private space goes a long way to boost your mental health, which is vitally important right now. Here are some ideas which might inspire you to transform your balcony into the most attractive space of your home.

Balcony makeover with imagination.

You do not need rocket science to transform this nook but a little creativity and passion. To start with, reimagine the floor, walls, railings and even the ceiling as the landscape for a garden. Greens thrown together with multifunctional furniture and colourful decor pieces can transform any place into an inspiring space for long afternoons.

Choose a Bistro Set.

The secret to maximising your space is choosing compact furniture, primarily space-saving pieces. You can add vibrant decor and planters to bring that dash of green. We suggest you transform the balcony into a private bar by adding a slender garden bar set in an eye-catching shade. The chic bistro set can be neatly tucked in a corner when not in use. 

Screen up for privacy.

Let your imagination play with some fun fabrics that not only bring privacy but are also practical in keeping out the weather elements. Water-resistant panels in bright prints can help shield you from prying eyes as well as the rain or sun. Complete the look with easy to care plants or terracotta decor.

Think vertical, make a living wall.

The balcony walls are the best to nurture the gardener in you, so think vertically and learn how to make a living wall. You can hide unsightly walls with vertical planting systems both aesthetically and practically. Go a step further and choose complete eco-friendly recyclable systems that have a built self-watering irrigation system with each pot draining into the one below while retaining enough for its reservoir.

Go minimalistic with succulents. 

If you are short of space, try a mini garden with succulent planters, they look good, are low-maintenance and give good vibes. Let your creativity flow and redesign it by adding different plants.

Another great way is to place tall freestanding planters and create a mini high-level garden while freeing valuable floor space for other balcony ideas. 

Create an outdoor living room.

You might want to sit out and count the stars on long summer nights, so why not make an extension of your living area into the balcony. Place a small sofa or your favourite armchair. You can cosy up with a coffee table, rug and a soft lamp when the weather permits. 

Make the most of the view.

Choose a glass safety net for your balcony and enjoy the view. Complete the open garden feel with the best foliage plants, including tactile and shade-tolerant varieties such as Maidenhair Fern, Sedge grass, Heuchera and Tiarella. Select lightweight furniture for a spacious feel.

String up some lights for a festive feel.

The easiest way to add cheer to a drab balcony is by hanging lanterns from the ceiling and creating a magical glow after the sun goes down. 

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