Pointers for good video conferencing etiquette

As COVID -19 is taking over every aspect of our lives, social distancing has become the norm for thwarting the spread of the pandemic. Today businesses around the globe are turning to remote working tools to keep their employees healthy, and employees are rapidly adapting to the new normal. In the current situation, video conferencing and virtual meetings are effective tools for businesses to remain connected with employees. Here are some pointers for practising good video conferencing etiquette that makes for more effective meetings and helps you make a good impression.

Preparation and Punctuality
You should always be punctual, make agenda in advance, send it out to everyone and follow it yourself. This not only increases productivity and efficiency, but it also sets the tone for the meeting.

Keep the setting simple and clean
You should also create a work-appropriate corner by tidying up the table and removing distracting items from the background. You can also set a formal tone by sitting on a hardback chair and a table in front of you.

Lighting does matter
Do a final check of the light sources in your room. Proper lighting is essential in illuminating the setting or other participants will have difficulty in interacting with you. A well-lit background will also display visual presentations better.

Tech settings to keep in mind
It is common courtesy to keep your mic mute when others are speaking. Microphones pick up even minute sounds like chewing to tapping your pen and can be distracting. To avoid last-minute difficulties, test your video conferencing setup before you dial in. Take the help of a colleague to do a test dialling a few minutes ahead of the meeting and learn about the default video call settings.

Make Eye Contact
Since we use our eyes for communicating, always maintain eye contact and keep your gaze on the camera while talking during the conference. You can optimize your camera setup by sitting at eye level to your webcam lens and positioning yourself for screen presence.

Dress appropriately
Working from home should not make you forget that a video conference is still a business meeting, so keep things formal! Dressing appropriately and good behaviour will show your professionalism.

Be focused & attentive
To focus on the video conference, mute your message settings altogether. If you seem distracted or busy with personal messages, the camera picks up your every nuance. Such an attitude will only reflect your unprofessionalism to all attendees.

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