Our Happy Place: The Favourite Corner In The Home

We all have at least one corner in our home or the office, where we find comfort that we do not find anywhere else. It is our happy place, our den or absolute favourite corner. We all have at least one corner in our home or the office, where we find the peace that we do not find anywhere else. 

The comfortable corner

Our happy place, our den might be a window seat dressed in light curtains, letting bright sunlight enter your living area. Maybe you have a neatly placed cushioned bench where your family members find you sitting most of the time. Its where you read a book or sip on your hot steaming coffee and watch the rain droplets falling on the window glass. It is your favourite corner and a perfect place to stare at the horizon, and shift your thoughts, and listen to music or even sit with loved ones and have long chats with them.

 A Corner To Unwind

So why do these corners or spots end up being our favourite? Is it because we are most relaxed there?  As humans, we have the innate ability to build a bond with even inanimate things, and we develop a bond with the corner we love. We can admit that we are so sensitive about that one corner that we don’t like it when someone else uses it.

Corners have vibes

It is not a weird feeling. It is a normal feeling to feel differently about places, spots and corners. Yes, they do have a life of their own, and they do give out different vibes for each of us that we hold on. It is like being with a friend we feel most comfortable with or one person who puts our mind at ease. Thus the specific corners of the house make us feel comfortable and warm. If you have a favourite place where you unwind or shift your thoughts. Do share your story with us.

So which is your favourite corner in the house? 

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