Kitchen Designs Redefined Post-Covid

As they say, home is where the hearth is- especially in Indian homes- where the kitchen is the centre of a house. The Corona pandemic has made a significant impact at the soul of the house- the kitchen. The lockdown and the necessary health precautions have initiated a redefined usage of the kitchen. It is on its way to becoming more functional and adapted to post-Covid life. Let us look at some trends which might become the most in-choice in the future kitchen designs. Some of the changes will gear towards open kitchens, a suitable environment for meal prep, cooking and ample storage. 


Open kitchens with a dining island

As people are fast adopting the work from home life, it is natural that our future Kitchen designs might include office nooks for laptops too right in the kitchen itself. Open Kitchens with counters and informal seating will become a preferred style as the kitchen might turn into a go-to family hub. Social media updates are witness to the increasing activity of people around the kitchen, and it has also created the need for a functional and beautiful space.


Small Space Needs

Life in tiny apartments has also initiated the concept of making the most of living life king size in small spaces. Open kitchens create a more instagrammable look and integrate both cooking and entertaining with the added benefit of dining and storage. It has also brought in the concept of less clutter and more visual appeal. One popular choice is the long island kitchen concept. You can have your instagrammable kitchen by installing an island equal in length with your kitchen counter on one side. 


Kitchen storage

The lockdown has forced families to keep a well-stocked larder. It is only practical then to embrace new designs that have maximum storage. Future kitchen trends are likely to include pantry units that can be pulled out, or fitted with sliders and ample shelves for storage jars and groceries. Designs will gear towards making the kitchen super organized and utilizing minimal space.

Functional, Easy to clean counters

A clean kitchen is the heart of good health so, with the current pandemic scare, the trend is for safer choices. Busy WFH lifestyle and living in each moment has brought in the demand for maintenance-free surfaces including stone, glass and laminate. Future kitchen counters may see an increase of stone countertops and laminate covered cabinets and also ceramics materials that are antimicrobial/antibacterial.

Efficient Appliances & Fresh Foodstuff

With lifestyle changes, WFH options and safety requirements becoming a priority, future needs in the kitchen will embrace efficient refrigeration facilities-larger fridge to accommodate extra foodstuff. With family members discovering a new love for homemade food and speciality cooking, keeping the freshness of ingredients and groceries will be mandatory. Blenders, microwaves and speciality baking tools will become essential in future kitchens, as will well-ventilated wicker baskets for fruits and vegetables.

Introduction of Wine Racks, Wine Fridges

The party must go on post-Covid, and with our homes becoming the safe party zones, the home bar is soon going to be the cynosure of all eyes. We are going to see increased Investments in wine racks and mini-fridge that can be placed in your kitchen or on your crockery unit.

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