Decor tips for your favourite corner

We can build houses, but it can only become a “home” when it is personalized. Your home should reflect your tastes, beliefs and emotions. The difference between a house and a home is in the little touches and knick-knacks we give and place in it. You can convert even the drabbest corners in the house into the most creative places in your home.

Let us look at some ideas to help create gorgeous corners for your home.


Why do a Makeover for Corners?

This versatile place of the house should not be wasted on a shoe rack or kept empty. By giving a creative makeover, you can get a new look for your home. You will be surprised at the transformation you can achieve with small experiments. 

Corner seating: One comfortable trick to enhance a corner and make it functional is by placing an L Shaped Sofa or L-shaped furniture pieces. It can help increase and organize seating and also remove the clutter.

 Add Green: The balcony is not the only place for greenery. Corners are perfect places for a little green touch. Create a green zone by decorating a corner with succulents of other plants. You can use decorative planters or wall hangers for display. The transformation breathes life into corners and adds that wow factor.


Add a touch of fun: Do you love board games? Are you into chess? You can place your chessboard on an old fashioned table with a pair of comfortable chairs in the corner. Corners can be a stage to display your antique chessboard or vintage card set. Hang a couple of decor lamps to light up the setting.


 Light It Up: Place a decor lamp, place some cosy chairs for an ideal set up for intimate chats. You can also use the corner to listen to your favourite playlist or write. Corners are perfect as reading spaces. Do it up with a tiny table, a vertical bookcase and a comfortable chair. Corners can be the best place to store daily use objects like umbrellas, raincoats etc. You would do good with a smart slim cabinet to keep the things in the traditional way and place knick-knacks on top of the cabinet as decor. While doing up corners always remember that if you cannot afford a makeover, keep the place tidy. A neat corner does exude positive energy vibes, and that is all that matters in a home. Do let us know about your favourite spot to hide away from the world.

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