Balcony makeover ideas you will fall for

For all of us living in apartments, the balcony is sometimes the only outdoor hanging spot. Sadly, we often ignore or use this glorious space to dump unused objects or clothes. Imagination and a little attention can turn it into a cosy space. You can start by thinking of the neglected spot as an irresistible corner for relaxing and entertaining. Mixing wicker, wrought iron, pallet boards, rugs, planters and bistro furniture with a few multipurpose storage tables or boxes can help you create an instagrammable space in minutes!

Here are some ideas you can use if you are thinking of renovating your balcony.

Materials, size & greens

As with any renovation, the first thing to consider is the materials you choose for furnishings because they can be the difference between a cramped mess on your balcony and an attractive makeover. We recommend resin wicker, wrought iron, plastic or rattan, all good for the wind or rain. Since space is at a premium, the size of the furniture is also important. Choose small or foldable units and pick up just one or two pieces of outdoor area rugs or multipurpose units.

 The best thing about plants is that they can liven up any space. Just be cautious and choose the ones better suited for a life in a small balcony. We love how the common bamboo and flowers like geraniums, begonias and fresh herbs thrive on the balcony.


How to achieve privacy

You can achieve privacy in the balcony with a variety of elements. We recommend beautiful metal screens, bamboo hangings, or tall plants, or vines, perfect for closing off your space a bit and adding some shade. If you can invest time, then there is nothing better than making a bamboo trellis for creepers. 

Choosing furniture

With interlocking tiles or wooden decking, you can spruce up a boring balcony in minutes. Easy to install or remove by simply snapping the pieces together, deck tiles can uplift the mood instantly. Complete the neat look with a narrow bench with hidden storage, for hiding tools, brooms or even your shoes, add some trendy cushions, place a narrow stool and you have a lovely place.

Rug it

If you want an affordable option to create a space that feels like an extension of your home's interior, choose weather-resistant pieces like an outdoor rug with a vibrant pattern, place rattan or a wrought iron sofa and a tiny coffee table to nail the look.

Use planter walls or hanging pots.

Bring in the garden with planter walls, add string lights for a festive touch. Choosing a wood pallet-styled sofa and weather-resistant cushions are good for an earthy look. Just ace it with some floor pouffes made of straw, add coir rugs, and place some terracotta pots in a corner.


Boho chic

Bohemian style hacks are colourful and budget-friendly. Add visual interest with woven rugs, wind chimes, potted plants and pillows. You can have a small swing seat to complete the style.

Go Vertical 

Go vertical with greens, simply stack your plants, and create a vertical garden. Use rope planters or nesting tables and narrow ladders as great space savers.

Being Minimalist 

Plan a minimalistic space by drawing inspiration from your favourite holiday spot. You can create a beach vibe, just choose the right backdrop and accessories. Place large and small shells, use sea-shell inspired cushions and aquamarine colours to create a beach look.

Of Colours and Canvas

While designing the balcony space, you can also make it your private corner to indulge in hobbies, place an easel and use hidden storage to keep art supplies. If you love collecting curios, use one wall to display them. You can also make artwork of old photographs and showcase them here.

Hope you will be inspired to try some of the ideas, if you have some better ones, do share them with us. 

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